Client Testimonials


Jan Tarkowski – Client Video Testimonial

“After having had mixed experiences with previous advisors, I am more than happy to have found Carl who has been helping me with my financial planning now for the past few years. He initially helped me to set the goals I wanted to achieve and then came up with an action plan. He has also advised me on a variety of other areas including my personal investments, banking and currency management as I am working partly overseas. I can happily recommend Carl to others who seek advice and need an ‘out of the box’ approach”
Jakob Hammling

Marketing Consultant – SBO MEDIA Group ltd


“Carl is an excellent financial advisory professional and is the best that I have personally worked with over the last 7 years. Not only is he able to provide options when queried or requested for, but also proactively has made excellent suggestions on financial advisory options which has further supported my ability to take firm decisions related to these options. I have also had an excellent working relationship because of his affability. I hope to continue to benefit from my interactions with Carl.”

Anshuman Saikia

Regional Programme Support Coordinator – IUCN


“Absolutely satisfied with Carl’s service and advising. Since I became an Infinity client it has been a pleasure to work with a financial adviser who understands the needs of the clients. His professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I would be happy to recommend his services whenever possible.”

Fornillo Giuseppe

Hotel Manager at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay


“I have been a client of Carls for over 6 years, after initially working alongside him as a colleague for 2 years. While working with him I realised that I could trust him and that he was very knowledgeable and ethical so I started using him for my financial planning needs after I moved companies. He is always available to discuss my needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Carl.”

Jan Tarkowski

Account Manager


“Carl is a well-researched and educated financial advisor. He takes time to visit the clients and get to know them. He is well informed of the markets and he is able to advice the client well. I appreciate from Carl, that he takes the time to visit his clients and understand our needs, so the recommendation is meaningful.”

Jair Parada

Director for Organizational Compliance


“I have been a client of Carl and Infinity now for nearly 3+ years. He provides me with regular updates on the valuations. I would recommend him to expats who would like help with regular savings and investments while overseas”

Guy Calcagno

Director Pharmaceutical Films, Asia at Klöckner Pentaplast


“I have been working with Carl for over 5 years now and during this time, I have moved in and out of Asia. Carl still keeps in touch on a regular basis through Skype and email and continues to provide investment advice and support. I appreciate his flexibility in accommodating my schedule and his prompt responses to my requests for support. Thanks, Carl!”

Wye Yee Yong

Project Support Manager, Medair


“I met Carl in Myanmar and have been working with him and Infinity for my financial planning ever since. I am now in a different location but we still keep in touch on a regular basis with updates on my portfolio by email. I would recommend Carl to anyone who may move locations on a regular basis and still want portable international investment and savings advice”

Thomas Moons

Hotel Manager at Belmond Miraflores Park


“I have been working with Carl now for nearly 4 and a half years and he has advised me on all aspects of my financial planning. We have met on various occasions and now I have relocated he keeps in touch via email and phone call on a regular basis. I have recommended Carl to others in the past and would recommend Carl to expats looking for advice on their financial planning. Easy to talk to and he explains everything very clearly, it’s a pleasure to do business with him”

Glenn Nichols

Client Rep / Offshore Operations Supervisor at Husky Oil China Ltd


“I met with Carl over 3 and a half years ago and he has advised myself and my wife on our pension and savings plans. Carl is extremely professional and is committed to update us on a regular basis and also comes to visit for reviews. Whilst nothing can be guaranteed with investments, I am very pleased to see the regular growth in our funds under his advice. I would recommend Carl to expats who would like to make the most of their time overseas and save for their future”

Mike Emson

Operations Director, South East Asia for Gypsum Activity at Saint-Gobain


“Carl has advised me on my investments over the past 3 years and is in contact on a regular basis. I would happily recommend Carl’s financial planning to others and have done in the past”

Roberto Barletta

Vice President Sales at Ericsson Thailand


“Carl has been advising me on my investments and savings for over a year. I would recommend Carl to expatriates who want advice on where to save internationally but not tied to their current location. It has been great dealing with him”    

Matteo Marinelli

Assistant Vice President at Fullerton Financial Holdings (FFH)


“I have been a client of Carl’s for over 5 years and he provided me with ongoing advice during this time, even though I have moved location. He is in contact on a monthly basis with up to date valuations and market updates. I would recommend Carl to expats who would like advice on how to make the most out of their savings, even if they may move location”

Nuwan Rezel

Organisational Development, Change Management, Human Resources Management


“Over the past 2 years Carl has been managing my investments and providing financial advice on the markets and concerning pensions. Throughout the last two years he has been in contact regularly, updates me on market changes and provides feedback on my investments and advised me on several items that ensured a secured good financial future on items like inheritance, will, pension scheme and investment strategy taking into account the ever changing market with presidential elections, Brexit and Europe challenges. I can recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated financial advisor with a personal touch”

Johannes Visser

Senior Petroleum Engineer at Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production


“I met Carl through a work colleague who recommended him to manage my pension. He has managed my investments over the past few years and has kept in touch by sending me the valuations on a monthly basis and in person. I would recommend Carl to anyone who would like their existing pension and financial planning reviewing”

Neil McGuigan

Regional Technical Director at AXA Assistance


“I met Carl through one of my colleagues while I was working in Thailand. He advised me on my UK pension and investments, which I have followed. I would recommend anyone to work with Carl who would like independent advice”

Christopher Waddington

Operations Manager, Senior Aerospace Thailand


 “Carl did a great job of taking over our financial plan that had been performing poorly for a while. He took the time to explain, in simple terms, the options available to us and advise us on the way forward based on a research-driven process. The process helped bring clarity to my wife and me regarding our investment options in light of our risk-profile. Carl has done a tremendous job and he has put our plan back on track. He applies a personalized approach that we greatly appreciate”

Marunga Manda

Senior Program Advisor, USAID/Indonesia


“I am pleased with Carl’s service. He has advised me on all aspects of my financial planning and keeps in touch on a regular basis with regular reviews. I would recommend Carl to anyone who wants to build a long term working relationship with a financial advisor to help them achieve their goals”

Kevork Baboyan

Senior Economic Officer, UNDP


“Carl clearly explained the charges and fees when helping arrange my investments. He has done everything he said he would and I’d recommend him to anyone who wants honest, straight forward advice on complex multi country and multi jurisdiction financial planning”

Ikram Andrabi

Contracts Manager


“Carl has been very helpful with my financial planning. He has advised me on several occasions to help my Portfolio grow”

Ian Kennedy

Captain at Legacy Carrier


“I have been working with Carl now for nearly 5 years and he is always professional, honest and straight forward with both clients and staff at Infinity. I would recommend Carl to anyone looking to work with a financial advisor with integrity”

Abby Abella


Infinity Financial Solutions

“I would recommend Carl without a doubt to anyone looking for a caring and committed financial advisor in the investment and insurance market. I had the pleasure of working with him at Infinity where he led a strict team of financial professionals. He provided clients with honest advice and ongoing follow up and servicing with his down to earth approach”

Nicki Bunclark

Development Manager at V.I.P. Fleet Business



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