Financial Planning

What do I do?!

I help my clients achieve their goals of:

  • Retiring earlier than they can currently or on a higher income in retirement, which means they can do all the things they want to do when they retire like enjoying holidays, having an active retirement, travelling and visiting grandchildren.
  • I help people plan and finance their children’s university education so that it doesn’t have to come from income at the time and affect their standard of living or so they don’t have to wait until their children finish university to retire.
  • I advise people on how to get a potentially better return with money in the bank, currently earning little or no interest which is losing in real terms to inflation every year.
  • Manage clients other assets held at other institutions which are not performing or receiving the service they desire
  • Help people save for a deposit for property purchases
  • Protect families in case of death
  • Succession planning for families and reducing potential tax burdens

When people think about money, most of them just want to have lots of it. Very few people know it’s not that easy to handle large quantities of money without stumbling upon a few problems. Consequently, individuals who don’t want to let the experts manage their finances tend to lose money or make bad investments. That’s why you should hire a financial advisor and maximize your chances for a good investment.

Why is having a financial plan necessary?

First of all, everyone should have a plan for everything they do in life; it’s as simple as that. If you’re able to anticipate the outcome of your actions, it means you have a well-built plan. Building a financial strategy isn’t any different from making any other plans for the future. However, the main difference between finances and everything else is the fact that you need a qualified expert to construct an agenda for you. Many people try doing it by themselves, but most of those plans end up disastrously. Even though a lot of people think money isn’t as important as it seems, it’s still an existential matter, and it requires thorough planning.


So, the question remains – Why is having a plan important? The simplest answer to this question is – because you need a plan for everything in your life or else you’ll end up potentially losing a lot. Once you start falling, it’s quite difficult to get back up. To prevent and avoid such a scenario, hire an expert and let them manage your finances, advise you about future investments, and more. Having a financial plan makes your whole life much easier and carefree.

Furthermore, by eliminating the money-related worries, you can focus on other things in life and enjoy every minute of it. Constantly thinking about your financial state can cause stress which then causes problems with individuals who are close to you. Everything revolves around money, don’t let the vortex of bad monetary planning suck you into the endless loop of debt, bad investments, and ultimately – bankruptcy.

Expert with a tablet

How can I help you with your financial planning?

Over the past 13 years I have helped hundreds of clients take control of their own financial future.

I have been successful in advising people on their options by looking at their circumstances, goals and objectives and then helping clients get towards these targets.

Its my job to help clients answer the above questions. I’m a firm believer that nobody is more motivated than you to look after your finances, and plan for your future. It’s my job to help you do that, in a transparent and straightforward fashion.

Most of my clients are on 2-3 year contracts and can move anywhere at anytime. I specialise in offering portable, international investments, savings and insurances and managing existing clients financial planning wherever they move in the world.

I am fully qualified to give professional advice in the UK and overseas, holding the Diploma in financial planning from the Chartered Institute of Insurance (OH). I am a career professional having passed 16 professional examinations in financial planning and investment management since completing my degree in accounting and business finance.

How can I start?

The first step is – get in touch so that we can discuss your existing financial planning and situation. I will then help you set clear, defined financial goals and objectives.

We work with these objectives and goals to make your plans become reality.

I look to building long term working relationships with my clients so that they get that continuity of service and advice, wherever they move in the world.

When the time comes to leave your current location we carry on working the same as before through Skype, email and our online portal where you can view your account valuations and performance anytime.

How to start
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How does it work?

The process is pretty simple, you have to present your plans for the future, and my job is to make it happen. Furthermore, if your proposals are too ambitious or unrealistic, I am here to tweak them so that they become a real option. It’s not always possible to achieve the goals you’ve set up, but it’s always possible to micromanage your plans and secure the optimal solution.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people without any plans for the future whatsoever. That is fine because it makes my job much easier if you don’t have any plans. Individuals who come up with a strategy by themselves usually oversee a lot of angles which later prove to be quite important. However, with the right expert by your side, you’ll be able to construct a realistic and potentially perfect financial plan.

The Conclusion

I’m a firm believer that nobody is more motivated than you to look after your finances, and plan for your future. It’s my job to help you do that, in a transparent and straightforward fashion.

I work with clients every day to help them make good decisions now, so that sometime in the future they’re in a position where they never need to worry about money again.

If you would like to arrange a time to discuss your own circumstances and have 20 minutes available for a chat on the phone or in person to explain how we have helped other expats with their financial planning please get in touch.