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What is financial planning?

In a nutshell, financial planning is preparing for anything in your future that you will require funding for.

What can financial planning do for you?

I help people take control of their financial future and set clearly defined goals for their financial lives.

I’m a financial planner who specialises in working with expats like yourself who are living and working overseas, away from your home country.


I help my clients achieve their goals of:

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Retiring earlier than you can currently (or receiving a higher income in retirement).

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Planning and financing your children’s university education so that it doesn’t have to come from your income at the time.

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Getting a better return on money in the bank that’s currently earning little or no interest.

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Saving for a deposit for property purchases.

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Protecting your family in case of death and reducing tax burdens.

12 Steps to Financial Success book cover

New Book by Carl Turner

‘12 Steps to Financial Success’ for International Expatriates

Carl Turner explains 12 easy steps to follow in order to have a happy and successful financial life.

Learn how to take control of your financial situation with easy-to-follow tips on all the key areas of personal and family financial planning relevant to international expatriates including life insurance, medical insurance, retirement planning, buying a property and estate planning.

About Me

I believe a good financial advisor can make a significant, positive difference to people’s lives and that’s why I love what I do. I look to build long term working relationships with my clients and help them achieve their goals and have a better quality of life…


I always ask myself, if I were a client what would I like from a financial advisor?

I’d want them to be:

  • Professional, experienced and qualified
  • Accessible and approachable
  • Offer cost effective advice
  • These are the areas I aim to provide…
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“After having had mixed experiences with previous advisors, I am more than happy to have found Carl who has been helping me with my financial planning now for the past few years. He initially helped me to set the goals I wanted to achieve and then came up with an action plan. He has also advised me on a variety of other areas including my personal investments, banking and currency management as I am working partly overseas. I can happily recommend Carl to others who seek advice and need an ‘out of the box’ approach”

Jakob Hammling

Marketing Consultant – SBO MEDIA Group ltd

“Carl is an excellent financial advisory professional and is the best that I have personally worked with over the last 7 years. Not only is he able to provide options when queried or requested for, but also proactively has made excellent suggestions on financial advisory options which has further supported my ability to take firm decisions related to these options. I have also had an excellent working relationship because of his affability. I hope to continue to benefit from my interactions with Carl.”

Anshuman Saikia

Regional Programme Support Coordinator – IUCN

“Absolutely satisfied with Carl service and advices. Since I became an infinity client has been a pleasure to work with a financial adviser who understand the needs of the clients. Professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I happy to recommend your services whenever possible.”

Fornillo Giuseppe

Hotel Manager at Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay

“I have been a client of Carls for over 6 years, after initially working alongside him as a colleague for 2 years. While working with him I realised that I could trust him and that he was very knowledgeable and ethical so I started using him for my financial planning needs after I moved companies. He is always available to discuss my needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Carl.”

Jan Tarkowski

Account Manager

“Carl is a well-researched and educated financial advisor. He takes time to visit the clients and get to know them. He is well informed of the markets and he is able to advice the client well. I appreciate from Carl, that he takes the time to visit his clients and understand our needs, so the recommendation is meaningful.”

Jair Parada

Director for Organizational Compliance

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